International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Crop Science

Meet the expert advisors and Keynote Speakers

Dr.(Mrs.) Manju Sharma

Former Secretary to the Govt. of India (Biotechnology), New Delhi

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Prof. Asis Datta

National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi, India

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Dr. Kirk R. Smith

Professor of Global Environmental Health, University of California, Berkeley

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Dr. Jatinder Kumar Sharma

Principal Scientist of Seed Science & Technology, CSK HP Agricultural University, Palampur, India

He is currently Principal Scientist of Seed Science & Technology. Dr Sharma completed five ad-hoc research projects in seed sector for Rs 747.9 lakh funded by ICAR, RKVY and State Council of Science & Technology and project for the creation of infrastructure

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Clyto Access takes great pleasure in welcoming you all to The International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Crop Science 2017 on 09 October in New Delhi, India.

Agriculture is the premise of all human advancement. It is everything from the nourishment we eat to the clothes we wear. Agriculture shapes a large number of the customs and qualities that this nation was based on.
Horticulture was the key improvement in the ascent of stationary human progress, whereby cultivating of trained species made sustenance surpluses that sustained the advancement of development. The historical backdrop of agri-business goes back to a large number of years and its improvement has been driven and characterized by extraordinarily extraordinary atmospheres, societies and innovations.

To listen more about Food Security and Green Revolution in Dr. M.S Swaminathan's Words-Attend International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Crop Sciences on 09 October 2017.


☛ Innovative Horticultural Strategies for a new Permaculture Century
☛ Growing Organic Field and Forest Medicinal Herbs as a Business
☛ Agricultural Economics for the Small Farm
☛ Advanced Organic Pest Management
☛ Sustainable Farming Practices for New Growers
☛ Barriers to Healthy Food Access
☛ Linking Consumers to Sustainable Farms
☛ Vermiculture
☛ Regional, national and global capabilities for agricultural development
☛ Food production through modern approaches and innovative technologies
☛ Agricultural productivity
☛ Nutrition and health to society
☛ Food, nutrition security and environmental sustainability
☛ Modern technologies and new/novel potential foods help humanity

"Indian Father of Green Revolution" M.S. SWAMINATHAN

M. S. Swaminathan

• Former president of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
•Founder and chairman of the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation. Tamil Nadu, India.

Padma Shri (1967)
Padma Bhushan (1972)
Padma Vibhushan (1989)
Albert Einstein World Award of Science (1986)
World Food Prize (1987)
In 1999, Time magazine placed him in the 'Time 20' list of most influential Asian people of the 20th century.

Abstract submission deadline (1st round)
25 Sept 2017
Notification of acceptance or rejection of abstract
03-10 working days from the date of submission
Final presentation should be submitted
15 days before the conference date
Early bird registration
30 April 2017

Workshop on


Track 1 -1: Farm Machinery and Power

Track 1 -2: Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Track 1 -3: Agriculture Processing and Food Engineering

Track 1 -4: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Track 1 -5: Agricultural Structure, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Track 1 -6: Recent Advancements in Agriculture Technology

Track 2-1: Marketing and Distribution Issues in Agribusiness

Track 2-2: Sustainable Marketing and Business: Prospects and Challenges in Agriculture Industry

Track 2-3: Use of Value Chains in Agribusiness

Track 2-4: Design and Development of Innovative Marketing Strategies for Agribusiness

Track 2-5: Operational issues in Marketing of an Agriculture Product

Track 2-6: Recent Advancements in Agriculture Marketing

Track 3-1: Alteration of Generations

Track 3-2: Transportation in Plants

Track 3-3: Plant Reproduction

Track 3-4: Germination and Development

Track 3-5: Plant Hormones

Track 3-6: Photoperiodism

Track 3-7: Recent Advancements in Crop Production

Track 4-1: Bioenergy Crops

Track 4-2: Agriculture Microbiology

Track 4-3: Sustainable Agriculture and its Importance

Track 4-4: Using Biotechnology to Develop Plants with Increased Pathogen Resistance

Track 4-5: Environmental Risks of Genetically Engineered Plants

Track 4-6: Biocontrol of Pests and Pathogens in Agriculture and Forestry

Track 4-7: Recent Advancements in Agriculture Bio-Technology

Track 5-1: Application of Genetic Engineering in Crop Production

Track 5-2: Development of Transgenic Crops

Track 5-3: New and Future Initiatives in Crop Genetic Engineering

Track 5-4: Recent Advancements in Agriculture Genetics

Track 6-1: Price Formation and Agriculture land Markets

Track 6-2: Demand and Supply for Crop Insurance in Agriculture

Track 6-3: Impact of Capacity Constraints on structural Change in Agriculture

Track 6-4: Liquidity and the Role of Information in Agricultural Commodity Markets

Track 6-5: Testing for Regional Convergence of Agricultural Land Prices

Track 6-6: Recent Advancements in Agriculture Economics

Track 7-1: Forest Pathology

Track 7-2: Fruit Pathology

Track 7-3: Integrated Pest Management

Track 7-4: Plant Disease Management

Track 7-5: Turfgrass Pathology

Track 7-6: Vegetable Field Crops Pathology

Track 7-7: Recent Advancements in Plant Pathology

Track 8-1: Biodiversity Studies

Track 8-2: Conservation and Management

Track 8-3: Ecological Informatics and Modeling

Track 8-4: Forest-Atmosphere Exchange

Track 8-5: Invasive Plants, Pests and Pathogens

Track 8-6: Physiological Ecology, Population Dynamics, and Species Interactions

Track 8-7: Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics

Track 8-8: Recent Advancements in Forestry

Track 9-1: Biocontrol and Insect pathology

Track 9-2: Evolutionary Biology

Track 9-3: Genomics

Track 9-4: Integrated Pest Management

Track 9-5: Toxicology

Track 9-6: Recent Advancements in Entomology

Track 10-1: Soil Biota and Nutrient cycling

Track 10-2: Soil Physical and Chemical Properties

Track 10-3: Soil Erosion, Conservation and Water Quality

Track 10-4: Soil Genesis and Development

Track 10-5: Recent Advancements in Soil Science

Track 11-1: Pregnancy and infancy

Track 11-2: Allergies and immunity

Track 11-3: Malnutrition

Track 11-4: Healthy Eating and Hydration

Track 11-5: Weight loss and Obesity

Track 11-6: Sports Nutrition

Track 11-7: Public Health

Track 11-8: Recent Advancements in Health and Nutrition

Track 12-1: Plant breeding

Track 12-2: Biotechnology

Track 12-3: Soil science

Track 12-4: Soil conservation

Track 12-5: Agroecology

Track 12-6: Theoretical modeling

Track 12-7: Recent Advancements in Agronomy

Track 13-1: Pomology

Track 13-2: Olericulture

Track 13-3: Floriculture

Track 13-4: Fruit and vegetable preservation

Track 13-5: Recent Advancements in Horticulture

Track 14-1: Privatization of Extension

Track 14-2: Trends and Challenges in Agricultural Extension

Track 14-3: Global Issues and Trends Facing Contemporary Agricultural Extension

What is Agri & Crop Science Conference?

Agriculture is the science, art and business of farming and ranching. It is one of the oldest human occupations which is practiced all over the world, using techniques from traditionally to advanced. Since the Pre-historic of Neolithic age, agriculture has been one of the significant earnings of producing food for human consumption. Today more and more technologies are being developed for the production of a large variety of crops. Two major problems of agriculture are the loss of agricultural land and the decrease in the varieties of crops. In this Conference, we will explore these problems and how they influence the future of food production.

Who attends Agri & Crop Science Conference?

  • • Agricultural Colleges/Universities
  • • Plant Science Researchers/Faculty
  • • Horticulture and Landscaping
  • • Plant and Agriculture Associations and Societies
  • • Manufacturing Agricultural Devices Companies
  • • R&D Laboratories
  • • Plant Science or Agricultural Students, Scientists.
  • • Business Entrepreneurs
  • • Training Institutes

Why to attend Agri & Crop Science Conference?

The Conference rouses you to share information, experience and skill in a soul of neutrality, impartiality and autonomy. The conference mainly focuses on recent advances in Agriculture Engineering and Technology, Advanced Agriculture Marketing, Plant Science and Crop Production, Agriculture Bio-Technology, Agriculture Genetics, Agriculture Economics, Plant Pathology, Forestry, Entomology, Soil Science and Chemistry, Food and Nutrition, Agronomy and Horticulture.


Over the years 2016 to 2022, the market trends are as follows:

• Global Medicated Feed Additives is increased @5.41% CAGR from 11.16 Billion to 15.32 Billions.
• Global Phosphine Fumigation Market increased @5.49% CAGR from 0.5 Billions to 0.7 Billions.
• Water-Soluble Vitamin feed supplements market increased @7.24 CAGR from 2.8 Billions to 4.4 Billions.
• The mineral feed supplements increased @4.76% CAGR from 5.5 Billions to 7.2 Billions.
• The insect pest control market increased @ 5.67% CAGR from 12.4 Billions to 17.3 Billions.
• The oil seed processing market increase @7.37% CAGR from 217.469 Billions to 344.37 Billions.


Prominent speakers from the industry with prodigious experiences.
Leading professionals of the industry with valuable skills.
Emerging researchers in the respective field.
A discussant will provide a 5-minute introduction outlining the state of the topic field, and then each presenter will give a brief overview of his or her poster to summarize noteworthy results, conclusions and discussion points.
You will have a great opportunity to share your research concerns or challenges with the leading experts in the field.
A wide range of promotional opportunities is available to help companies boost their visibility during the Biopharma Forum 2017: Exhibition space, Event advertising and related advertising opportunities, Exhibitors workshop.

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08:00 AM


08:50 AM

Cheif Guest - Dr. Manju Sharma

09:00 AM

President - Prof. Asis Datta

09:20 AM

KEYNOTE SESSIONS #1 - Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

09:40 AM

KEYNOTE SESSIONS #2 - Dr. Kirk Smith

10:00 AM

KEYNOTE SESSIONS #3 - Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya

10:20 AM

KEYNOTE SESSIONS #4 - Dr. Jatinder Sharma

10:40 AM

Refreshment Break

11:00 AM

KEYNOTE SESSIONS #5 - Prateek Tiwari

11:10 AM

KEYNOTE SESSIONS #6 - Nikhil Toshniwal

11:30 AM

KEYNOTE SESSIONS #7 - Anupam Satpathy

11:50 PM


Agnihotra 12:15 PM




02:00 PM

Evening Break

04:00 pm


04:15 PM


Agnihotra 06:00 PM

Prize Distribution

Closure of Conference 06:15 PM


Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, New Delhi


Gurgaon, New Delhi NCR NH8, Sector 83, Gurugram, Haryana 122004

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